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"When you have been riding and taking lessons for as long as I have finding someone who can help you make dramatic progress is exiting, and that is exactly what my Yoga lessons with Alex have done for my riding. ..."  P Smith

Holistic Horses are excited to introduce a new course combining experience with Alex Bollag of Yoga steps, one of Canada's leading yoga teachers to bring you a cutting edge yoga program for riders that is effective, enjoyable and informative.

With over 35 years teaching experience between them Lisa Venables & Alex Bollag have devised a program whereby you will be educated in yoga taking the mind body relationship between you and your horse to new levels.  Starting with the hips and seat we progress through the world of contact, flexibility, balance and flow.   

A must for any level of rider working in any discipline from horsemanship skills to dressage, showjumping, eventing and racing.

We won't just leave you with some yoga poses -

take a look at the benefits of each 6 week modular course ...


For each 6 week module you will receive:

E-mail or phone consultation prior to starting to assess your needs

Weekly worksheets to chart your learning

Group discussion after class to discuss issues directly related to riding

A recording of all your classes for your home use

A 'holistic horses' visualisation CD that you can use before you ride.

Two phone consultations with Lisa Venables up to 30 minutes (landline) to discuss application to riding and progress

Small groups - maximum 8 people

All of the above in a 6 week course for just

***Special Introductory Price for Module 1***



The foundation Module
A 6 week course:

Module 1:
Developoing and Understanding Hips and Seat
Find more freedom and flexibility at your hip joint and develop the foundation steps for the concept of stability

Module 2:
Flexible back
Explore ideas around maintaining “good posture” while riding and how you can promote a healthy back and spine

Module 3:
Easy Arms & Contact
Find out how you can find more lightness and ease in your arms and hands

Module 4:
All the elements we learn week 1-5 will come together in this class about Balance and stability

Module 5:
Riding In flow
This class will guide you through a practice containing all the elements of the course.

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Yoga for riders:
Our guarantee to you ...

To coach you how to move into Yoga poses safely and with ease

To include valuable information in each class about your body and how it moves in a way that will be relevant to  riding

With the slow, meditative movements of yoga you will increase your body awareness in ways that you will be able to apply during the fast paced activity of riding

To address the unique physical demands of horse riding

To give you a Mental discipline and focus that will facilitate your ability to stay present with your self and your horse

To promote an inner calm that is invaluable for anyone in contact with horses

To help you reduce chronic tension while improving your strength, flexibility and balance

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About Alex

Alex Bollag has been studying and teaching Yoga for the past fifteen years. She has had the pleasure of teaching at Canada’s leading Yoga studios, teaching around the world as well as creating a ground breaking Yoga program for Sheena’s Place, a non for profit organization for eating disorders in Toronto. Her initial Yoga Teacher training was at “The Yoga Studio” in Toronto and she has since studied with many master teachers including Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater and Therapeutic Yoga with Susi Hately.  She also brings to her classes an in depth knowledge of The Alexander Technique, Pilates and Laban Movement Theory, which she studied at Smith College and Yale University. Currently she is training to be an ITM Alexander Teacher under Dr. Don Weed.

Alex has a sound knowledge of body mechanics and a unique ability to analyze  Yoga poses and movement. Her classes are engaging, relaxing, fun and full of relevant information. She is passionate about teaching Yoga postures in a manner that is safe and accessible for all fitness levels and body types. She believes in tailoring a Yoga practice to the needs of the individual and making the practice as easy and enjoyable as possible.
 As a keen rider Alex has a personal knowledge of how the discipline of Yoga can help riders.



When you have been riding and taking lessons for as long as I have finding someone who can help you make dramatic progress is exiting, and that is exactly what my Yoga lessons with Alex have done for my riding. The combination of the slow, meditative quality of Yoga and Alex’s astute ability to observe movements helped me become aware of and learn how to let go of tension while riding. This shift has had a huge and immediate impact on my riding , even after my first yoga lesson. My horse has responded to these changes beautifully and actually seems to have become more flexible as well in response to me. My lessons have become a joy of making progress again. Thank you!

Patricia Smith, ITM Alexander Teacher
Regular riding student of:
Bea Borelle, Phillipe Karl, Linda Tellington Jones, George Melorei

“Alex is  one of the most talented, thoughtful and thorough yoga teachers I’ve ever met.  Her ability to tailor each class to the needs of individual participants is exceptional, and her straightforward communication make instructions crystal clear.  Alex’s passion for teaching and positive encouragement make every class a delight to experience.  I always leave class feeling physically and emotionally light and refreshed!”
Leonor Mowry – owner, Village Yoga and Author of “Deepening your Practice: Asana and Anatomy”. Yoga Instructor.

Alex Bollag is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her quiet, gentle instructions inspire confidence and her detailed explanations of how the body works and how to work with my body have enabled me to develop my skills and begin to create balance in my life.  It is amazing that even the most basic and mundane explanations regarding yoga poses resonate to the spiritual level and I find myself processing what Alex has taught me throughout the week. Studying yoga with Alex is one of the best  decisions I  ever made.

Dr. Diana Brecher, Psychologist

Composed, committed, creative, compassionate - Alex brings all of these qualities to every task she takes up. And when she combines these qualities with her sound knowledge of biomechanics, her deep intelligence and her inner grace, she makes everyone feel welcome and at ease as she leads them through classes that are lively and fulfilling, yet challenging and fun.

Dr. Donald Weed, DC. Author “What you think is what you get”. Founder of the ITM

I have worked with Alex for the past 2 years and have found her be the best yoga instructor that I have ever worked with. She carefully assesses each client and develops a personalized routine to maximize your health and improve your well being. She caters to all types of abilities and wishes. She integrates all types of movement from Alexander to Pilates with traditional yoga techniques to improve movements and flexibility.

Dr. Rulan Parekh
Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto

If you are a riding club organiser or yard owner and would like to organise a clinic at your yard please e-mail to enquire on dates and price format.

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Next Foundation module beginning
April 2012

Special Introductory Price for the first module of £150 per student for:

6 week course
Class DVD
Yoga phone consultation
Riding phone consultation x 2
Weekly worksheets
Small groups
Visulisation CD
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 A bunch of testimonials:

I loved the way you addressed the whole person - body, mind and breath. You inspired confidence and were easy to follow. The class flowed, but also challenged in all the right places. Afterwards I felt calm and settled, but also refreshed, stretched and challenged. I would travel a long way to one of your classes - come to England!
Zoe Challenor
Opera Singer

(Notes from Chat with Mom
Having a yoga lesson, doing a movment that I have done quite often by myself and. Alex noticed how she was tensing to start the movment. Then she was able to do the movement and it felt so different and such a please. She was in a riding lesson and I noticed the same anticpionary fault, galloping on a small circle and she noticed that same anticipatory though to tense up so she was able to make the shift that Alex suggested and allow the body to be free. She has been using it ever since and it has had a huge impact on my riding. My readers are delighted. Much easier to identify in a slow meditative movment but you can bring it to your movement. Her ability to see it and be so astute.  Dramtaic results, everything is easier I had been stuck for a while and now I am improving in my gymnasitic excersizes. My lessons have become a joy gain making progress again. When you have been riding for as long as I had and had som manhy lessons making this kind of progress is incredibly exiting. A great pleasure.
Because the Yoga is slow and controlled, it allowed me to identify patterns that have been causing me problems in my riding. Putting all the awareness in the riding. I am enjoying the lessons so much more. The horse responds to sublte changes in me. 

Also ask Laurie and Dianne)