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"Advancing the mind body relationship between horse and rider"

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Lisa during filming for Horse Hero - July 2011

To view part 1 of a 3 part series on Re-training racehorses please click here:

After gaining her BHSAI in 1989, Lisa completed a National Diploma in the management of thoroughbred horses and worked in the racing industry through her twenties and early thirties.  She worked for jump and flat trainers: Andy Turnell, Martin Pipe, Henrietta Knight, Charles Egerton, John Hills and Brian Meehan, plus others during her career.  She also worked as a stable lass, travelling head girl, secretary and assistant trainer during this time. 

In 2003 she set up Holistic Horses which was a riding centre for adults.  She offered a racehorse experience and re-trained many ex-racehorses.  She also ran courses for jockeys with Richard Dunwoody and Stan Mellor, trained general riders to ride in charity races and trained point-to-pointers during this time.

Ridden clinics and dismounted workshops
Re-training your racehorse

If you would like to organise a clinic, workshop or talk on re-training ex-racehorses in your area please e-mail Lisa by clicking on the following link:

If you resonate with any of this .... "When we hit grass he goes", "I don't know how to stop him", "he's so good in so many ways but to mount ..." , "He won't come on the bit", "I had a disaster when I lunged him", "I wish I hadn't loaned him but I don't want to return him either"

 ... then we maybe able to help you.

We can offer:

Private lessons with Lisa Venables -
experienced with racehorses and re-training racehorses to hacks and competition horses.

Re-training camps and courses
Holistic re-training of racehorses with Lisa Venables
Why Holistic?  Holistic means an approach taking the 'Whole' into account -
with our re-training program we see the importance of looking at the rider / horse partnership
and teach to accommodate both parties with their individual situation.

Lisa's re-training philosophy:

I have worked with many clients who have decided to re-home a racehorse but hit problems... sometimes huge problems.

I always found it interesting that when the horses arrived at our yard they instantly settled (bar one who had been taken from her foal - she took a few hours) and they were always a pleasure to ride and to work with... even (and especially) one mare that had been to two re-training yards and was labelled as 'un-re-trainable'.

I believe one of the reasons for them settling was the yard was run like a racing yard.  Clockwork routine, two or three feeds a day, all horses fed at the same time, correct ration of food vs hay, correct feed for exercise, daily exercise, a quiet period during the afternoon and lights out at 8pm.  Immediately they were in an environment they knew ... you could almost see them taking a deep breath and saying .... phew!

My staff and I were also experienced with racehorses so during re-training, if they didn't understand what we were asking we would revert to asking the 'racing' way so good relaxed communication and rapport was built up.  All my non-racing staff were taken up the gallops almost immediately!  See Farmers Guardian - A holistic approach to horsey benefits for more information on what they may have experienced!

It is this knowledge that I believe is so important for you to understand.  Both for communication with your horse but also for your safety.

My methods are about positive progression while keeping relaxation and understanding as the key principle.  It takes time to develop a relationship - first you have to understand your horse... then you can begin to ask him/her to understand you. 

You can develop your understanding on riding horses - pictured are some children riding up the gallops on a pony racing day

Numidas - re-trained into a superb riding horse

Learning what your horse knows in a safe environment!

Social Climber - retired from racing at 14.  Popping a gate on a fun ride.

Naviasky - winner of 85,000 and 79 starts - he finished his career sound and was a quiet ride.
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