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What do I teach and Why?

I believe ...

"Effective Riding comes from Effective Thinking and Understanding of Your Energies ..."

During your lesson we will look at how your thoughts affects both yourself and your horse.  We will reason a way of working out what your horse is thinking and feeling which will help you as a rider have a deeper understanding of riding as an art, and develop of your own sensitivity and self awareness. 

When you learn to 'switch off' un-needed tension riding becomes an ecstatic dance between you and your horse.

I cannot promise this deep connection will be developed immediately but I can help you develop a path to find that connection in time.  Some days there can be huge frustrations and the sailing isn't always plain, but as Susan Jeffers puts so eloquently in her book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' - ships maybe safe in the harbour but they are not made to be in a harbour.  Your riding is the same.  You may 'feel' safe doing the same old thing in the same old way, but are you and your horse really connecting in the highest way possible?  You need to sail out to sea to find out.

If your prepared to put in the mental work and allow yourself to be open to suggestions from my experience along this path then please do call and ask for a lesson.  However, if any of the above doesn't ring true or strike a chord then do find a teacher who appeals to your way of learning ... when the student is ready the right teacher will appear.  I am happy to recommend other teachers if I think they would be better suited to your needs.

On the right I have listed areas that I currently cover with my teaching and my price list.  If you are in a different area and would like to organise a day clinic (minimum 5 clients) then I am happy to travel to teach.  You can also book me for  meditative riding or confidence clinics.

To find out more about our confidence clinics click here ...

Good luck and happy riding.


Teaching areas:

Bristol and surrounding areas.

Price List:

- Private lesson for one person 50.00
- Semi Private lesson for two people 35.00 each
- Private lesson for two people 45.00 each
- Private lessons for more than two people 40.00 each


Coaching calls:
Up to one hour of personalised time discussing any horse related issue.  A great way to get schooling tips, groundwork ideas or to use the time with NLP to relax your mind.
25.00 per session via landline

Private clients further afield:

Incorporating 5 teaching hours per day including mounted and unmounted:

200 per day plus fuel

07711 067581