Confidence Clinic - The First Step ...

(Previously known as the "Wibbly Wobbly clinic for nervous riders")

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The Next "First Step" clinic is in Bristol on 25th and 26th July 2012

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First step clinic - Weekend 1

Digging Deeper  - Follow up weekends

This clinic is designed as the first step for you the owner rider to 'get away' from it all,
take a deep breath and develop your inner relationship with yourself. 
Once you have worked on yourself you can take this home and apply what you have learnt with your horse.

The course is structured over the two days.  You will be taken through the world of NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming and we will also address any equine issues and help you develop some ridden skills with some fun exercises.. 


For those who have attended a first step clinic and who wish to continue their journey.

Working with your group we follow up and deepen our progress over a weekend with Lisa Venables and Andy Atwood.  This will help to embed what you have learnt and experienced so far and deepen your understanding and increase your confidence further.  These weekends usually take place 10 weeks after the first clinic.

"I was amazed at how much I learnt about myself and my relationship with my horse.  I also realised this new self-awareness and self-confidence will expand to many other areas of my life.  It's difficult to believe one weekend could change my confidence to such a level - I would highly recommend this to my most cynical of friends."  Elaine B  14th November 2010

"Our first thoughts of doing an un-mounted clinic were sceptical, but we found the weekend extremely beneficial and motivating.  Our confidence levels have rocketed, we found things out about ourselves that we never realised.  Thank you Lisa and Andy for an enlightening and rewarding weekend.  We both look forward to doing a ridden clinic with you in the near future."  Jo D and Anna P 14th November 2010

"Attending the course has helped me to understand that I was teaching myself to fear the worst, but has shown me ways to turn that around.  I ma going away from the course with the knowledge of how to build my confidence enough to ride my horse and enjoy every minute of it .. life changing ... thank you"  KL January 2011

"The weekend has made me think very hard about why I consider the negative parts of my partnership with my horse rather than the positive and achievements"  CV January 2011


"Definitely the best time and money investment I have spent on anything horsey.  The weekend courses with Andy and Lisa are inspirational and manage to personalise the course to each and everyone's' specific issues.  I've already seen a big difference in my confidence on horseback but the effects on my life in general have been both unexpected and very welcome,  I'd highly recommend this course to everyone on an annual basis - even if you don't think you are a nervous rider.  Treat it as a health check for the soul!" Christina  April 2011

"From low self-belief to a strong confident woman - thanks with all my heart for helping me begin my journey of transformation"  KL - April 2011

"The combination of Andy & Lisa is life changing.  They encourage you at your own pace and by breaking things down into small steps and achievement help you to realise your dreams"  CS April 2011

"The weekend has made me realise that I can work through the areas of my mind that have been holding me back from riding.  I now have strategies to help me overcome my lack of trust in myself."  CV April 2011


Please note - these confidence clinics are horseless allowing you to really understand the nature of your fear or lack of confidence in a comfortable, safe environment.  There are options to join ridden clinics with your equine friend at a suitable time in the future.



20% discount if pre-paid a month prior to course
197 per person


Confidence for winning ...

Jumping hedges,
or taking a 5 minute hack

Lisa qualifying Smart Lord for point to pointing, 15 years after badly losing her nerve following an accident in 1993

Yes!! Did it!!

Next 'First step' clinic dates

Bristol - 25th and 26th July- 197

Confidence Summer Camp
Dates TBA

Bring you horse and spend some quality time digging deeper
475 incl. stabling


The journey continues ...

To continue your growth in confidence  join the confidence builder program and join in with :

On going confidence group

A group session either in Bristol, Berkshire or on the web on Mondays.

A one to one phone coaching call per month.

Weekly reading, weekly exercise with your horse and weekly exercise with yourself.

Subscription just 50 per month.
07711 067581